Do you think putting together a loan is tough? How ‘bout a giant skeleton in your front yard? This dedicated individual has documented the process of his spooky creations on Instructables. This will be super helpful for when you create a giant skeleton of your own next year or pass this along to a new homeowner that recently bought a home with your company’s help. Owners and managers of lenders and vendors wish their jobs were as easy. As their companies, small and large, do their best to contain the damage from blowing through cash reserves heading into the autumn and winter, changes are afoot. Curious about the FHA MIP? I was too, and asked Commission Gordon about it Friday; you can skip ahead to the 19:00 mark. Recall that the MBA’s Performance Report showed that the fully loaded cost to originate a loan was $10,937 in the second quarter… Did yours drop last quarter? Equifax announced that it is “the first to provide certain telecommunications (telco), pay TV and utilities attributes to the mortgage industry to help streamline the mortgage underwriting process and support loans within the secondary mortgage market.” Starting November 6 Freddie Mac will “increase homeownership opportunities by including a review of a borrower’s bank account data to identify a history of positive monthly cash flow activity as part of its technology’s loan purchase eligibility assessments.” (Today’s podcast is available here and this week’s is sponsored by EarnUp, reinventing payment and data flows in real estate ecosystems, origination, mortgage, and fintech.)
Source: Mortgage News Daily