Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas (home of cheese dip, 1935)! George Thorogood’s music is alive and well here, and a happy 72nd birthday to he who wrote the lending anthem, “When I Do a Loan, I Prefer to be by Myself.” While George is busy celebrating his birthday week, apps plunged to their lowest level in two years, and the CFPB released a factsheet on the interest rate that is used for calculating prepaid interest under the price-based General QM APR calculation rule for certain ARMs and step-rate loans. Switching gears… Zoomed out? Me too. In person is so much better, although companies seem to be keeping pieces of technology from the work-from-home environment. For the past couple years, many of us have spent a portion of our workdays staring at screens featuring grids of their colleague’s faces. Teamflow offers an alternative. (Nope, this is not a paid endorsement.) The remote-work platform allows companies to create virtual offices with desks, meeting rooms, and whiteboards. Users’ faces appear as bubbles that can be moved around the virtual office, similar to a video game. When you want to talk to a co-worker, simply drag your bubble to theirs, a kind of virtual approximation of the much-missed spontaneous work conversation. If you’re an ops manager in Atlanta and hired a great underwriter in Billings, this might be a good way to chat. (Today’s audio version of the commentary is available here. This week’s is brought to you by Sagent, bringing the modern experience customers expect from loan originations to servicing with platforms that let consumers manage their home-owning lives from anywhere.)
Source: Mortgage News Daily