No one is getting any younger, not even Clint Eastwood. Time marches on, as does, apparently, the cost of mailing a letter. The post office wants to jack the price of a stamp to 73 cents from 68 cents which took effect in January. But everything is politics these days, and out comes, “The Trump donor whom Biden can’t fire is running the U.S. Postal Service directly into the ground, just what everyone warned about when he was confirmed during the pandemic. The latest price hikes at USPS are just another sign of the unfavorable leadership of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.” We have nearly seven months more of election cr-p. How about some good ol’ legal stuff? Neither side in the recent UWM lawsuit is likely to care to hear Brian Levy’s perspectives about the legal theories and people involved in the case, but I suspect many of you will. Levy’s most recent Mortgage Musings is chock full of sideways glances in footnotes, Don Corleone’s ethics, and of course, RESPA, among other stuff. (Found here after 8:30AM ET, this week’s podcasts are sponsored by Optimal Blue. OB’s smart solutions automate critical functions like pricing, hedging, trading, and social media. More originators and investors rely upon Optimal Blue’s integrated solutions, data, and connections to support their unique business strategies, no matter how complex. Hear an interview with Canopy’s Josh Neumarker on current pain points for originators and communication between management and sales staffs.) Lender and Broker Products, Software, and Services
Source: Mortgage News Daily