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You have a couple workdays under your belt this week, so let’s take a one paragraph break from mortgage stuff. Pumpkin patches are here, and every parent worth their salt tells kids that unpurchased pumpkins grow into Christmas trees in two months. In between, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and with it, pumpkin pie. Even humble pumpkins have their share of regulation and controversy. The FDA allows for sweet squash blends to be sold under the label of “pumpkin.” Pumpkin is a variety of squash belonging to the “Cucurbitaceae”, or gourd family which also includes melons and cucumbers. Libby’s, for one, uses 100% Dickinson pumpkins in its Libby’s solid pack pumpkin, not squash. Although pumpkins and squash are very closely related, Libby’s…(read more)

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