The United States has about 336 million people. Did you know that 1/3 of them live within a 500-mile radius of Nashville? This is a cool site for anyone putting together a sales presentation for a real estate agent or a borrower. Speaking of geography, Wyoming has 23 counties, not 58 as the Commentary mentioned yesterday, further proof that this is, and always will be, produced by human hands! (Thank you to everyone who corrected me on that.) While we’re on selling, from a sales perspective, some LOs advocate adding value by subtracting complexity for clients. They are asking themselves, “How do I add value? How am I any different?” They are looking at their sales pitch, comparing bringing up pain (minimizing pain through minimizing paperwork) versus bringing up pleasure (“You’ll save time by working with me.”) And most are doing what they say they’re going to do: If you tell a potential client you’re going to call in two days, call in two days. Simple. Now go get ‘em! (Today’s podcast can be found here and this week’s is sponsored by Lenders One, one of the largest mortgage co-ops in the country with a diverse mix of 250+ member companies and providers of an end-to-end solution independent mortgage professionals trust to drive profitability and growth. Listen to an interview with Lenders One’s Justin Demola on the member benefits of joining a national alliance of independent mortgage banks, banks, and credit unions.) Lender and Broker Products, Software, and Services
Source: Mortgage News Daily