While there’s plenty of chatter out there about the return of Better.com’s CEO to its helm, and its interesting business model how LOs are supposedly not paid for closed loans but for how many they lock, I could tell that my cat Myrtle was miffed a few days ago. And I knew why: She figured out that I was not going to spend several hundred dollars to nominate her for some forgettable award. Now that a new year has begun, offers to nominate employees and producers are everywhere, and in some cases, lenders can nominate dozens of their employees at discounted bulk prices. I thought about explaining to Myrtle that she’d be better off with me spending those doubloons on line-caught salmon, or, in my opinion, that every lender would be better off spending their money on training, client retention software, or pricing concessions, rather than telling the world which producers their competitors should pick off. Of course, I was never big on giving a child a trophy just for being on the team either, but that sounds pretty curmudgeonly.) Along those lines, if you haven’t seen this video satire on hiring a millennial, you should check it out. Fortunately, the people I’ve met in our industry in their 20s and 30s don’t fit that mold. Speaking of people in their 20’s in our biz, today’s audio version of the commentary is available here and this week’s is sponsored by Sagent . Today features Interview with Sagent’s new Chief Product Officer, Courtney Thompson, on her career in the mortgage industry and how this move accelerates Sagent’s vision to remake loan servicing from the consumer perspective and deepens Sagent’s relationships with customers, regulators, and the fintech community. Give this mortgage modernization lesson a listen, and read about her new role .
Source: Mortgage News Daily